Top 4 Reasons For Yellowing Teeth

Maintaining bright white teeth is hard, but still not impossible. Once you do figure out what exactly causes yellowing of teeth, it just might be not difficult at all to achieve. There are a number of reasons that lead to yellowing of teeth, which end of the day makes you look like a Stone Age person who has never heard of a brush! So here are the top 4 reasons that lead to yellowing of teeth, stay away from them and may be you could achieve your dream white teeth sooner!

Tea or coffee

I know all the coffee addicts would be like, “what no way, coffee is my life!” But unfortunately it won’t get you any close to teeth whitening in Dubai but rather do exactly the opposite of it! There are certain components in tea and coffee that lead to discoloring of your teeth. And that is the main reason it is considered as one of the components that lead to discoloring. Hence it would be rather advisable to stay away from them or reduce the intake of these.


Not only does tobacco lead to lung cancer it is also a reason for discoloring of teeth. The nicotine component in it is the main cause for this. This would also lead to further complication in the teeth that goes beyond discoloring. You may even need same day dental implants Dubai in order to avoid further worsening of the condition, by removing and replacing spoilt teeth.

Poor diet

A balanced diet consists of the right amounts of carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins and salts. It is called a balance diet because it is what the body requires to function in the right manner. Any increase in one of the above components may lead to complications within the body. A constant consumption of salts and junk food do exactly that! So putting in effort to ensure you take a balanced meal is important to not only ensure you get the right amount of nutrients, but to also achieve dream white teeth!

Dry mouth

In taking sufficient amount of water and other nourishing liquids that keep you hydrated is important. Dry mouth means lack of saliva. And saliva helps in maintaining and protecting gums and leads to whiter teeth. So drink enough water!

Stay away from these and keep yourself hydrated in order to avoid dry mouth and such. Most importantly make an effort to visit your local dentist at least twice a year. All these efforts would definitely add up to you achieving healthy white teeth in no time!