Moving Your Pets – Things You Need To Do

Relocating with your family to a new part if the world can be lots of fun. This means you don’t want to leave your pets behind either. Moving just your family in itself is a huge task, now having to deal with pets is another department all together. Moving pets is as tiring and even more than moving kids. The paper work required and the time and energy that you to commit to is a lot. So plan ahead and arrange for your pets to travel with you with little issues.

Hire the pros

Ask professional pet movers for advice. These are the best people who will be able to give you details on what will be required in order for you to transport your pets to the new place with out hassle. The cost involved, the paperwork required, any special letters and permits that the port authorities might need. All these information will be provided by these movers. They will also be able to handle most of them for you at a charge. We think it’s best to let them handle all the technicalities.

Visit the vet

Before the move, take you pets to the veterinarian. Let then them know what you dates of travel will be and the details. This way the vet will be able to advise you on travelling with your pet. See if it’s fit physically and emotionally to travel. The vet will also have to provide you with paperwork to say your pets are ok to travel and give the right medication before and after to keep them at ease. Pets will also have to be checked for disease and fleas before they can travel. To avoid unwanted costs and time spent in the quarantine, it’s best to have your pets in the condition so they can be moved without any hassle.

Rent a storage for your pets things

You could consider a mobile storage unit to place all the belongings of your pet. This way you won’t have to rush packing and unpacking. You could even decide keeping the things belonging to your pets in the storage until you find someone who will need it and consider buying new things when you get to your destination. This storage method will give you the option of leaving it at a friend’s place or a sending it to a charity if need be.

With these few key points, moving your pets can be done without any issue. Plan ahead of time and set dates to finish up your tasks. This way you can avoid time wastage and make the right decision in time.